What Can You Do To Make You Television A Bit Better With Some Settings

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When you took your new television out of the box, it gave the best picture you ever saw. There is nevertheless room for improvement. Use these tips to improve the image quality of your TV. If you want tot find the beste uhd tv you are most likely going to be ending up with the famous 8k tv samsung.

The Settings

  • Tip 1 Connect devices such as your digital decoder and DVD player with an HDMI cable. HD image is not possible via a scart cable
  • Tip 2 Set the contrast high, but not maximum. We recommend setting the contrast setting to 90%
  • Tip 3 Choose ‘cinema’ image settings. We often hear that people prefer an image with rich, warm colors
  • Tip 4 Turn off sharpness settings or set them at least below 10%. Especially when you view HD content, it is not necessary to improve the sharpness.
  • Tip 5 For a stable image quality you switch off the automatic brightness adjustment. If you do not, you will notice that the exposure of the image fluctuates

Viewing Angle Television

Straight from the front you have the best image quality. You notice little difference with a small horizontal or vertical angle, but with a larger angle you quickly see changes in the color and brightness of the image. This is especially a problem with LED televisions. Make sure your television is at eye level and that you can sit directly in front of the TV. With a wall bracket you can hang the television on the right height on the wall and turn the screen when watching TV from another place in the room.

Better TV Sound

The average speaker power of the televisions that we currently sell is 22 watts. That is just enough for a broadcast of the news or your favorite soap, but if you want to be blown away by the latest James Bond movie, you need to look for a more powerful sound. Even with the cheapest sound bars you can double the sound power of your television and ensure a powerful sound among your films and series. The advantage of such a soundbar is that you can also listen to music with it.


No more hassle with cables and wires through your living room. If you have a smart TV, you can easily send the image from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the large screen of your television with Miracast. Don’t have a smart TV? No problem. With media players such as the Google Chromecast or Apple TV, you can convert any television with an HDMI input into a smart TV. Via services such as Google Cast and iCloud you send the image from your smartphone or laptop with 1 swipe or click to your TV. This way you can watch movies and series from all kinds of devices without changing plugs.

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