Do I Recommend TorGuard!

However, also pointed out that TorGuard’s version of the extension had some notable security vulnerabilities that weren’t present in their own extension.  Despite a number of notable strengths, I don’t recommend using TorGuard.

On the other hand, I don’t caution you against using it, either. It’s not that TorGuard is bad; it’s just that there are a lot of VPNs out there that are better.

TorGuard has great security, but so do most other major VPNs. It has decent speed, whereas you can get blazing fast speeds if you get the right provider. Its prices are good, but not great. It supports torrenting, which is nice, but will cost you extra if you want a dedicated IP address for Netflix streaming (and still only 1/4 worked). Then there are the inconveniences (and potential immoralities) in the cons column.

Alternative VPNs

We’re sure the TorGuard team is trying to hard to put out the best product they possibly can. And I applaud them for that. But it’s not quite there yet, especially at the price they charge. It’s possible that focusing on proxies, a VPN, and a secure email service makes it more difficult to perfect any one of those systems.

But in the end, TorGuard just doesn’t offer enough for the price.

However, if you’re looking for something better, consider reading NordVPN, Surfshark or ExpressVPN reviews. Both of them are ranked high in our VPN reviews.

TorGuard quickly made some changes to their extension, but never made any satisfying public comment to explain their actions or apologize.

While this particular lapse in judgment isn’t likely to affect your security or privacy when using TorGuard, it’s still worrying. If they incorrectly copied the code from one company, they could do it again. It seems unlikely that they’d make the same mistake twice, but it wouldn’t be the first time. You’ll just have to decide for yourself how big of a deal this one is.

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